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Noon Day Prayer

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Fasting helps us to draw nearer to God.

It is a natural discipline for a spiritual purpose.

It’s not that God is more willing to speak when we are fasting, but we are more capable of hearing because our attention is off of what would normally distract us. God has something He wants to say to us and help us with everyday and fasting is a great way to tune in and hear exactly what that is.


Remember, your personal fast should be a bit of a challenge, but only you know your body and your options, so it’s important that you pray about this fast, use wisdom and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit. 


August 14th - 20th

Section One

August 21st - 28th

Section Two


•No fast foods

•No fried foods

•No pork, beef, or shellfish of any kind (i.e. shrimp, lobster, crab etc.)

•No white bread (use wheat bread, Ezekiel bread or whole grain breads as a substitute)

•No desserts and no white sugar (sugar substitutes are acceptable)

•No carbonated drinks or carbonated water

•No caffeine 

•Drastically limit tv and internet time for entertainment purposes (not necessary to eliminate entirely)

•Purpose to make God’s Word and His presence the first and last thing on your mind daily

•Commit to not miss a church service (midweek is applicable, and Generation Youth if you are a teenager) and arrive on time

• Begin a PARTIAL FAST of liquids only from 6am until 1pm daily

•Spend the additional time in prayer, worship, and/or meditating on the Word of God

•Spend a minimum of 30 mins a day in prayer, especially time praying in the Holy Ghost (other tongues)

•Evaluate your relationships. Seek to strengthen those that need it and minimize those that aren’t bearing fruit


•Continue your PARTIAL FAST of liquids only from 6am to 3pm daily.

•Spend the additional time in prayer, worship, and/or meditating on the Word of God.

•Spend a minimum of 45 mins each day in prayer, especially time praying in the Holy Ghost (other tongues).

•Look for at least one opportunity this week to “deal your bread to the hungry” (Isaiah 58:7), giving your food, or the money you would have spent for food, to someone else in need.


Remember to gradually reintroduced food into your system (i.e. fruits, juices, small portions, etc.)

1. How To Begin:

Start with a clear goal and be specific.

Why are you fasting? Do you need direction, healing, restoration of your marriage or family?

Are you facing financial difficulties?

Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance, pray daily, and stay in the Word.

3. Corporate Guidelines:

Take the time to understand the corporate guidelines and determine how your normal routines may be impacted by your commitment to fast.

Plan ahead to ensure that you are not violating the guidelines unknowingly.

2. Prepare Spiritually:

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas of weakness that need strengthening. Forgive all who have offended you and ask for forgiveness from those you may have offended. (Mark 11:25, Luke 11:4 & 17:3-4)

4. Fasting is for YOUR benefit,

so do it with GRACE:

“Cheating” on a fast hinders only YOUR spiritual progress and potentially limits YOUR expected results, So, be honest with yourself and commit to as many of the fasting guidelines that you can handle. 

5. What To Expect:

When you fast, your body eliminates toxins from your system. This can cause mild discomfort such as headaches and irritability during the withdrawal from caffeine and sugars. Naturally you will have hunger pains.

Limit your activity, exercise moderately and take time to rest. 

6. How To End:

Don’t overeat when the time comes to end your fast. Begin eating gradually. 

7. Believe: 

Believe that God will do a miraculous work in your life that will translate into miraculous results around you. Keep the switch of faith turned on. God has great things in store for you in all areas of your life.