Father I come to You today to renew and activate the covenants that I have entered into with You on behalf of myself and my family knowing that You are a Covenant keeping God.

I activate the Covenant of Life:

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I declare that I shall live and not die to declare the Works of the Lord

I declare that You are satisfying me with long life and showing me your salvation

I declare that the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death

I declare that in You I live and move and have my being

I asked Life of You and length of days and You grant them to me

In You is the Fountain of Life and I drink freely today

I declare that like a shock of corn that I will come to my grave in a ripe old age full of honor full of life full of riches and full of wisdom

I declare that my life is wrapped up in the bundle of the living and that in my pathway there is life and peace and there is no death.

The number of our years we will fulfill

We shall walk before the Lord in the land of the living


I activate the Covenant of Health and Healing:

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I declare today that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in me and He quickens my mortal body

I declare that by the Stripes of Jesus that I am healed

I declare that none of the diseases of the Egyptians shall come upon me

You take sickness away from my midst

You bless my bread and my water

My health is springing forth speedily

I am like a watered garden

I am like a tree that is planted by the rivers of water

I declare today that every organ every tissue every cell and system in my body functions normally and properly in the way that You created them to function and I forbid any malfunction in my body

I declare that there shall be no stroke no aneurysm no growth or tumor no heart attack, no Alzheimer’s, no glaucoma,and no diabetes surely no cancer shall dwell in my body In Jesus Name

I say that my sugar level is normal my blood pressure is normal my cholesterol level is normal. Our natural strength is not abating neither does our vision grow dim


I activate the Covenant of Victory:

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I have victory over the world the flesh and the devil. I have victory through the Blood of Jesus, the Name of Jesus and the Word of the Lord

I come up to my high mountain and I ride on the high places of the earth

I am the head and not the tail

I overcome the devil by the Blood of Jesus and by the word of my testimony.

No weapon that is formed against me shall prosper

I thank God that He always causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus

I am not overcome by anything but I overcome all things


I activate the Covenant of Protection:

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I declare that as I go out today that I shall touch no one and nothing and no one and nothing shall touch me

Every building that I enter in, every public place comes under the Divine protection of Almighty God

I declare that I shall never be a victim of terrorism for I am far from oppression and terror does not come near me

Every airplane that I fly on will take off and land safely

The Angels of God are encamping around me today

We shall be at the right place at the right time

I go out in peace and return in peace

The Blood of Jesus is over us today


I activate the Covenant of Grace and Favor

I declare today that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me

I am kept by the Grace of God

I activate the Grace of God to live for Him

and to flow in his giftings


I activate the Covenant of Favor over my life today

I say that people are lining up to show me Favor

I say that no Favor that the Father has for me will be denied

I find favor and good success

in the sight of God and man.

This year is a year of uncommon favor for us and we are prepared to be amazed

The Favor of God is upon my family,ministry and business

I walk in Favor today


I activate the Covenant of Provision and Abundance:

I declare that all my needs are met

I will not beg nor borrow

My debts are reducing but my net worth is increasing

I am becoming debt free

I have more than enough in order to bless others

I am an over and above giver therefore I shall have over and above living

I make the dreams and visions of others a reality

I live a life of abundance and we dip our feet in oil